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7 of The Best Photography Websites for High-Quality and Free Photos

Looking for free stock photos you can use for your website or blog? Here are 7 of the best photography websites for high-quality and free photos!


Finding a high-quality stock image for free used to be quite a complicated project – there were only a few options available on the internet, and the inventory that was free to use was marginal quality at best.

However, today, the times have changed. If you open your search browser and you type free stock image website, you will notice that there are hundreds if not thousands of stock websites available online. The only difference between these sites is that some of them are more popular than other and they have a larger selection of photos to offer.

In this article, we are going to present you the best 7 photography websites for high-quality and free photos:

  • Pixabay – This is probably one of the most popular and visited websites. With more than 420.000 photos to choose from, there is a good chance this selection of photos will satisfy your needs. The best part is that there are no complicated or confusing photo licenses to worry about. You can use any photo you like without attribution in printed or in digital form.
  • Unsplash – Another great source you can use for your websites, blogs, and other digital projects. The website is pretty easy to use – you can search the inventory on the site and subscribe to receive 10 new photos every 10 days. The photos can be delivered straight to your inbox.
  • StockSnap – The reason why so many people use this website is the fact that all images found on StockSnap are free from copyright restrictions and they don’t demand attribution. At least hundreds of new photos are added every week and you can check them according to date uploaded. There is also a stream of popular photos that give you a quick access to the most trending photos on the website.

    • Snapwire Snaps – This is another website you can use if you want the photos to be delivered directly to your inbox. If you are a Tumblr user you can follow the snaps and never miss a new photo.
    • Pexels – A great website that offers free and high-quality stock photos. With a minimum of 70 photos added every week, the Pexels collection should increase by 3600 photos each year. All the photos presented on the website are handpicked by the Pexels team. Every photo is top-quality and falls under the Creative Commons Zero license, meaning it allows unrestricted use.
    • Flickr – As you probably now, Flickr has always been a reliable source of amazing free photos. However, it is important to keep in mind that Creative Commons license is attached to the photo you are using. There are 8 license categories and not all photos on Flickr can be used the same way. So, before you decide to use a specific photo, make sure to inform yourself better in order to avoid serious problems and issues with the owner of the photo.
    • Burst Shopify Royalty – Free Images – An original and memorable website for sure! This is one of the most popular websites that offer high-quality and free photos with high-resolution.
    These are some of the best and most creative photography websites with high-quality photos you will find for free!